Aaron Rodgers' recipe for saving the season: Feed Davante Adams

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"We need that game," Adams said in the losing locker room at Gillette Stadium on Sunday night. "Next week, we need it. We’re running out of games to keep saying we need that game, but we definitely need it at this point."

Aaron Rodgers has an idea about how the season -- one that’s slipping away by the week -- can be saved.

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"I need to keep feeding Davante in those clutch situations," Rodgers said before the Packers took their 3-4-1 record and headed for an overnight flight home from New England after Sunday’s disheartening 31-17 loss to the Patriots.

On a night when Patriots coach Bill Belichick showed off his myriad weapons, used trick plays (a Julian Edleman 37-yard pass to running back James White among them) and saw receiver-turned-running back Cordarrelle Patterson excel in ways Ty Montgomery never did for the Packers before they traded him away last week, all Rodgers could do after the game was accept the idea that he and Adams need to do more.4

When asked if the Packers were too reliant on him and Adams to carry them, Rodgers said: "Well I mean we need to, we expect to."

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When asked why he has faith that the Packers can salvage something of their 3-4-1 season, left tackle David Bakhtiari pointed to Rodgers.

"We’ve got 12," he said. "Plain and simple."

It sounds like Rodgers thinks No. 17 should be part of that reason, too.

"I mean Davante is a tough cover, and I expect to play great every week," Rodgers said. "I've got to keep finding ways to get him the ball, I've got to keep moving him around. We did a good job tonight of moving him around [to the] No. 2, No. 3 [receiver spots]. But I've got to keep looking his way."

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