Brian Dozier whining about a bunt is all about trying to gain an edge

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I know an 11-year-old who plays a game at school that he and his friends inaccurately call handball: two players, one wall and one big, red ball. One player hits the ball against the wall, and before it bounces twice, the next player must hit the ball to the wall, and so on. cheap nike nfl authentic jerseys Fail to hit the ball to the wall and you're out. The next challenger in line then gets to play.

This 11-year-old's mom was worried because her son was getting into a lot of loud, drawn-out arguments while playing this game. Indeed, every time it was his turn, his opponent would say he had made an illegal hit, he would protest, all the kids waiting in line would agree the hit was illegal, he would refuse to leave the court and the argument would last until the bell rang. Another day of play.

So let's talk about Minnesota Twins star Brian Dozier, who took Stupid Unwritten Rules to a new level this weekend. Dozier is, in his words, "getting hammered" for his complaint against the Baltimore Orioles, which he should be if you consider the point of "unwritten rules" to be enforcing a rational code of play that exists for the good of the sport. Dozier's claims, in that interpretation, do not stand up, not even a little bit.

But that's the wrong way to think about unwritten rules. Unwritten rules are a scam that players run on each other to trick their opponents into acting against their own self-interests. They are stupid, of course, but more than that, they're brilliant, on multiple levels, and they seem to work -- and ever since I realized this, I've been a lot less annoyed.

To recap: Orioles rookie Chance Sisco batted in the ninth inning on Sunday, with Baltimore trailing Minnesota by seven runs. The Twins shifted their infield against Sisco, he bunted against the shift, he got a hit and he found out a half-hour later that by trying hard at baseball in a seven-run game he had violated something sacrosanct.

"When they didn't hold our runner on [earlier in the blowout], they conceded to the fact they didn't want us to steal, so we didn't steal," Dozier explained.authentic nike nfl jersey "We could have very easily stolen and put up more runs, so therefore in return, you don't bunt. That's what everybody is missing in this whole thing."

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