Browns in the playoffs? Here's how it could happen

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Any hope of the postseason involves winning out. Analytics says the Browns' chances of doing that are 2.3 percent. Their chances of losing their final three games (at Denver, vs. Cincinnati, at Baltimore) are 25.3 percent.

But any chance means there is a chance. And neither the Browns nor their fans have been able to think about this kind of thing in December in a long time.

The paths to an improbable postseason spot are uphill and full of twists and turns, but they’re not as wacky as they might seem.

Step one: Win nike nfl jerseys wholesale

This is the beginning and end of the discussion. The Browns have to win their final three games. A loss in any of them dooms them to watching in January because the best they could finish would be 7-8-1. All discussion starts with this premise. The Browns have to finish 8-7-1. At that point, the season-opening tie works to their advantage -- provided they get a tanker full of help.

Possibility one: Win the AFC North.3

Entering Sunday, this scenario seemed ludicrous. But then the Browns won, and moved into third place, Baltimore lost in overtime and Pittsburgh lost when its field goal kicker didn’t use the right cleats for a kick to send a game in Oakland to overtime.

With three games left, the Browns trail Pittsburgh by two games and the Ravens by 1.5.

To win the division, the Browns would have to hope Pittsburgh loses all three (the Steelers own the tiebreaker over the Browns) and Baltimore loses one of two before the finale.

The Steelers are reeling, with a porous defense and three losses in a row. Their next two games are against New England and New Orleans before they finish against Cincinnati. Which means Browns fans would be rooting for Hue Jackson to help Cincinnati find some magic against the Steelers in the finale.

The Chargers have the first wild card almost completely locked away. That leaves four 7-6 teams and one 6-7 team fighting the 5-7-1 Browns for the second wild nfl jerseys china nike

For the Browns to get the sixth spot, Miami, Baltimore, Indianapolis and Tennessee would have to lose at least two, and Denver would have to lose once.

The Browns could eliminate the Broncos on Saturday night with a win in Denver. In turn, Denver could eliminate the Browns. Which makes this a mini-playoff game because the losing team’s hopes are dead.

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