Could Jets flip Teddy Bridgewater for much-needed edge rusher?

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As you mention, Ian, it's a huge need. The problem is that it's a lot harder to find a pass-rusher than a wide receiver. Two names have emerged in speculation -- Shane Ray and Dante Fowler. The reason is because they're former first-round picks whose fifth-year options weren't exercised, meaning they will be free agents after the season.

I wouldn't put too much stock in the Ray rumors. He recently underwent a cleanup procedure on his surgically repaired left wrist, which could force him to miss the start of the season for the Denver Broncos. He's way too authentic jerseys cheap

Fowler is the name to watch. The Jacksonville Jaguars have a surplus at defensive end and they probably won't be able to afford Fowler at the end of the season because they have so much money invested in defense. Based on that school of thought, yes, he could be available, but it won't be a fire sale. Fowler, drafted third overall in 2015, is coming off an eight-sack season and he'll only be 24 years old this season.52

In a way, the Jaguars are in the same situation with Fowler as the Jets were with Richardson. They knew they couldn't keep Richardson, so they got what they could.

Teddy Bridgewater could be trade bait, but I don't see that happening unless Darnold wins the starting job during the preseason. There's also the matter of his surgically repaired knee. He looked fine in OTAs and minicamp, but there's still skepticism around the league about his knee. He'd have to quiet the doubters in the preseason to get teams interested. He probably wouldn't interest the Jaguars unless something happens to Blake Bortles. If there's a quarterback-needy team out there willing to part with a pass rusher ... now you're talking.

The supplemental draft, which began in 1977, includes players who, for various reasons, weren't eligible for the regular draft. In many cases, it's due to academic deficiencies or disciplinary issues. If a team drafts a player in, say, the third round, they must forfeit a third-round pick in the next regular draft. The Jets used a first-round pick for Moore in 1990, so they didn't have a first-rounder in the 1991 draft. If they had, they probably would've picked Brett Favre. Sorry to pick at an old jersey wholesale

Anyway, there are three defensive backs in this year's supplemental draft on July 11 -- CB Sam Beal (Western Michigan), S Brandon Bryant (Mississippi State) and CB Adonis Alexander (Virginia Tech). The Jets dispatched two reps, including college scouting director Jon Carr, to Alexander's pro day on Wednesday. He fits the profile of a Jets corner -- good size and man-to-man cover skills. One scout told me Alexander has second-round ability, but there are some off-the-field concerns. I'd be surprised if they use a draft pick on him. They already have a lot of young corners in the pipeline.

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