De'Aaron Fox among elite under-the-radar possession players

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If you're in the fantasy football playoffs, it's a good bet you're spending today obsessing over your lineups, thinking about the second-line stats like targets and touches.

Regardless of sport? When it comes to fantasy? Possession is king. It's especially true for fantasy basketball managers. Whether you're in a roto league, points league or playing DFS, it's wholly beneficial to get into the habit of tracking possession.

In fantasy hoops, we have myriad ways to quantify possession. The classic method revolves around usage rate. Usage rate is an incisive metric that estimates the percentage of possessions a player can claim as his whenever said player is on the floor.

But as the marriage between advanced analytics and hoops deepens, we're confronted with an ever-growing list of ways to pinpoint the impact of any given touch. Because it's not just about having the ball in your hands. It's about how long you hang onto the ball, where your possession occurs, and what you do with the ball once you have nfl nike jerseys from china

As I write this, I'm watching the third quarter of the Sixers-Raptors tilt. It's a game featuring several of the NBA's greatest possession players. Joel Embiid. Ben Simmons. Jimmy Butler. Kawhi Leonard. Kyle Lowry. JJ Redick.

That's right ... JJ Redick.4

Did you know that Redick is a top-five points-per-touch producer? Redick generates 0.436 points every time the ball hits his hands. It's one of the reasons he remains fantasy relevant despite averaging only 42.2 touches per game.

Their roster of touch-related stats is impressive. Touches per game. Time of possession. Average seconds per touch. Points per touch. Post touches. Elbow touches. Paint touches. How do we divine all of these marvelous metrics into something that's useful for fantasy?nike nfl jerseys wholesale cheap

I like to use these categories to get a bead on fantasy potential. When a young player is amongst the league's elite in touches, it means he's getting elite volume. Which means all he normally has to do to become a fantasy star ... is refine his efficiency.

One would assume point guards dominate touches per game. And while it's true point guards make their presence felt in this stat, you might be surprised to learn the league leaders in touches per game are Blake Griffin (91.3) and Marc Gasol (89.0).

When a post player is dominating possession like Griffin or Gasol, that tells us how important they are within their given team's offensive sets. The Pistons' offense flows through Griffin. The Grizzlies' plodding attack rambles through Gasol. That lets us know both of these big men are in line for a key out-of-position stat: assists.

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