How Draymond Green found his zen

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None of that mattered in the closing seconds of Sunday night's second quarter, when referee Tony Brothers whistled Green for a foul on Pascal Siakam -- the man Green had publicly sworn to stop after his spicy 32-point Game 1 -- and Drake started to nfl jerseys wholesale cheap

Green thought he was playing tough defense on Siakam as he dribbled near half court. He very nearly came away with a steal as the young Raptor turned to his left, leaving the ball exposed. But Brothers blew his whistle. And Green was angry. He yelled at the top of his lungs, then swung his fist and twirled in protest.

Drake was right there in his face, mimicking his reactions. For those who have watched Green for years, it looked like a recipe for disaster. Things were going to escalate. You could almost feel the technical foul coming. Historically, all it has taken is a little spark for him to ignite and burn everything down, including himself.5

Green turned toward Drake. Then back toward Brothers. Then he turned away and took a breath. Warriors coach Steve Kerr came out to protest for him (to no avail). Siakam stepped to the free throw line and hit one of two. On the next possession, Siakam fouled Stephen Curry with four seconds left. Curry hit both in the final seconds of the quarter, sending the Warriors to the locker room having cut a 12-point deficit to nfl nike jerseys from china

Green's foul was one play, which led to, at most, a three-point swing. But to those who have followed Green along his highly flammable path from unheralded second-round pick to three-time NBA champion, it was monumental.

In a big moment, with the Warriors needing a big play to get back into the game -- and the Finals -- with Drake in his face and the guy he'd called out in his sights, Draymond Green did not combust.

"It's all about, 'Is [the fire] working for me or is it working against me?'" Green says. "When I'm channeling it to work for me, I think I'm one of the baddest motherf---ers on the planet. When it gets the best of me, I'm not so good."

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