How Panthers owner David Tepper has been a 'force of nature'

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On any given day you might see a somewhat nondescript man wearing blue jeans, a T-shirt and baseball cap walking down Mint Street toward Bank of America Stadium. He easily could be one of the plethora of people hired to keep the stadium grounds immaculate or just an average Joe out for a morning stroll.

You’d never guess David Tepper was worth $11.6 billion and the owner of the Carolina Panthers.

"He has no detail around him," Charlotte city councilman James Mitchell said. "No bodyguards. He feels the vibe. He gets it. I call him the action man. He’s all about action."nike nfl jerseys cheap china

Until the sale of the Panthers was finalized a year ago on July 9 -- for an NFL-record $2.275 billion -- the organization had had one owner, founder Jerry Richardson. There was some apprehension about what to expect from Tepper, a now 61-year-old Pittsburgh native, beginning with whether he would keep the team in Charlotte.4

Mitchell was among those who were apprehensive. But it didn’t take long for him to realize Tepper was not only was the right person to take over an organization embroiled in allegations of sexual misconduct by Richardson, but to be an agent of change and progress in North and South Carolina.

"He’s done an outstanding job of doing his homework, listening to fans and making the right adjustments to help our organization find competitive advantages."china nike nfl jerseys cheap

Tepper has been active in the community, from passing out book bags and school supplies to children to funding the West Charlotte High School basketball team’s trip to Raleigh, North Carolina for the state championship.

He’s done most of it quietly, so as not to direct attention to himself. He chose not to be interviewed for this article.

"In the one year David Tepper has owned the Panthers," Leary said, "I believe [North and South Carolina] have gotten to know him in a way they never knew the previous owner ... in a very personal and passionate way about what’s important to him, the community and the organization."

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