How the Patriots have handled Jalen Ramsey-type trash talk

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“One thing we talk about is never doing something to jeopardize the team. We always have to remember to put the team first before our own personal needs,” Harmon said, when asked how the Patriots handle it. “So if you go out of your way to embarrass someone, or trash-talk, you’re not putting our team first. We talk about pulling ourselves together and doing our trash talk with our pads and our play.”cheap nike nfl jerseys wholesale

Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey, on the other hand, is obviously operating out of a different playbook.

Ramsey’s less-than-flattering remarks about Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and receivers Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola in ESPN The Magazine were obviously heard at One Patriot Place, but it would be a surprise if players were to address them this week. That isn’t the way the Patriots roll.4

“It’s always in the back of our mind,” Harmon said of when an opponent trash-talks the Patriots. “We’re competitive, and we don’t want to create a distraction by disrespecting our opponent and trash-talking them before a game, but we definitely are aware to it, and we might use it a little bit as motivation when we get out there.”

The Patriots were 12-0 and coming off a riveting Monday Night Football win over the Ravens as they prepared for a highly anticipated home game against the 9-3 Steelers. Meanwhile, in Pittsburgh, second-year safety Anthony Smith was asked what gave him the confidence to guarantee a victory and said, “The guys I’m playing with.”

A reporter then asked him, “So the prediction is that you will win?”cheap nfl nike jersey

“Yeah, we’re going to win, as long as we come out and do what we’re supposed to do,” Smith responded. “They have an explosive offense, so if we don’t give them any big plays, you know, and eliminate the dumb mistakes, I think we will win the game.”

When the reporter followed up by saying that Smith would now have a spotlight on him, Smith said, “I don’t care nothing about no spotlight.”

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