Invisible Andy: Bengals fine with Dalton staying out of national spotlight

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One of Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton's best qualities is probably one of the reasons he rarely gets national attention.

Dalton doesn't have outbursts on the sideline. He doesn't throw teammates under the bus. His weekly news conferences are almost boring with his ability to say a lot while usually saying nothing at nfl jerseys china nike

Because Dalton rarely talks about himself, his teammates and coaches are left to tell his story. And after the heart-pounding ways the 4-1 Bengals have won games this season, Dalton's calm demeanor is exactly what they need.

"I once heard Bill Polian describe a quarterback as a flatliner," Bengals offensive coordinator Bill Lazor said. "When the bullets are flying, you need a guy who can keep his pulse under control. That's what Andy does a great job of, keeping it under control."6

Added Bengals coach Marvin Lewis: "He comes to the sideline and he understands the situation all the time. He just has it

Dalton displayed no fear when leading a last-minute touchdown drive against the Falcons two weeks ago. He didn't get concerned when the Bengals trailed the Dolphins by 17 points last week, as evidenced by NFL Films, who had Dalton miked up for the nike nfl jerseys wholesale

"There's so much game left. We've got a whole half. We're good," Dalton said when the team was down two touchdowns. "Everybody chill."

Dalton's calm personality has certainly helped during some roller-coaster wins, but that's not the only reason the Bengals have started well. He's also playing some of his best football of his career.

"He's throwing with a lot of confidence right now," Bengals quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt said. "I think he feels like he can put the ball exactly where he wants to, and he's doing that right now. Some balls he may not have thrown last year are thrown this year in the exact, perfect spot."

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