Jaguars believe Nick Foles will buck free-agent QB trend

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For executive vice president of football operations Tom Coughlin, there’s a pretty simple reason why the Jacksonville Jaguars absolutely had to sign free-agent quarterback Nick nfl jerseys wholesale cheap

His perseverance is impressive: Foles nearly gave up football at one point. Also impressive is his reputation as a leader, which is something the Jaguars certainly need on offense. Staring down Tom Brady and never blinking in the Super Bowl can’t be talked about enough, either.

But only one thing really mattered to Coughlin: “What we truly believe is that this quarterback, this young man, gives us the best chance to win.”

Coughlin’s job -- as well as those of general manager Dave Caldwell and coach Doug Marrone -- depends on it.3

Coughlin and Caldwell gave Foles the highest guarantee in franchise history ($50.125 million) because they believe he will bring consistency, which they didn't have during the five-year Blake Bortles tenure. Along with a running game led by Leonard Fournette (another gamble, by the way), plus one of the league’s best defenses, quarterback consistency is the key to a formula for the Jaguars to return to the playoffs.

At the very least in 2019, the Jaguars had better be in playoff contention in December instead of being eliminated before most people are finishing up their Halloween candy, which has been the case for much of the past decade. If they aren't contending, it’s possible Coughlin, Caldwell and Marrone -- or some combination thereof -- could be looking for jobs in nike jerseys for cheap
Whether signing Foles, 30, translates into more victories depends on various other factors, of course. Injuries, losing key players, players not performing up to expectations, bad decisions on and off the field -- all will factor into whether the Jaguars will be improved in 2019.

The Jaguars aren’t the first team to pin the majority of their hopes for success on a free-agent quarterback. Since 2000, 13 other teams have signed a signal-caller to a multiyear deal with the intention of making them an immediate starter.

Three of those turned out well. Peyton Manning won a Super Bowl with Denver and played in another. Brett Favre led the Vikings to the NFC Championship Game in his first season and retired after his second. Drew Brees has led the Saints to seven playoff appearances and a Super Bowl victory.

However, when the quarterback isn't a future Hall of Famer, things typically haven't worked out that well. Seven of the 10 other free-agent quarterbacks signed to multiyear deals failed to lead their teams to the playoffs. Two others never made it past the first month as the starter.

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