LeBron James says he's turning his focus from China to a championship

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LeBron James said Tuesday he had not seen reports of protesters in Hong Kong trampling on his jerseys and even watching one burn following his comments about Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey's tweet that sparked turmoil and tension between China and the NBA.

A day after saying he believed Morey "wasn't educated" on the ramifications and impact that sending out a tweet in support of anti-government protesters in Hong Kong would have, James was asked whether he had a sense of how his own comments would be felt in Hong Kong among nfl nike jerseys china

Saying this would be the last time he addressed the turmoil between China and the NBA that resulted from Morey's Oct. 4 tweet, James said he hopes tension between the parties will subside over time.3

"I plan on being here and being a captain of this team and trying to figure out how we can win a championship," James said when asked whether he plans to learn more about the anti-government protests in Hong Kong. "That's my main goal right now. I feel like I talked about it yesterday. I tweeted out responses to people not understanding my knowledge and where it came from with my brain and learning from the situation. I'm talking about it now. I won't talk about it again.

"I'd be cheating my teammates by continuing to harp on something that won't benefit us. We're trying to win a championship. That's what we're here for. We're not politicians. It's a huge political thing. But we are leaders and we can step up at times. I'm not saying at this particular time, but if you don't feel like you should speak on things, you shouldn't have to."cheap nfl nike jersey

On Tuesday in Hong Kong, fans gathered on courts to express frustration with James' comments the night before. James, who has not shied away from speaking out about social injustice issues here in the United States, said Monday that he felt Morey wasn't educated or was "misinformed" before sending out that tweet and how "so many people could have been harmed not only financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually."

After Morey's tweet created an international controversy between China and the NBA, the Rockets general manager deleted it and attempted to clarify his intent in subsequent tweets. Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta denounced the original tweet and said the Rockets, who previously enjoyed immense popularity in China, were "not a political organization" and that Morey did not speak for the team.

Following his initial comments on Morey's tweet on Monday evening, James took to Twitter to clarify his comments and "clear up the confusion." He tweeted, "I do not believe there was any consideration for the consequences and ramifications of the tweet. I'm not discussing the substance. Others can talk about that," before adding how tough a situation the Lakers found themselves in during their visit to China and saying that people need to understand "what a tweet or statement can do to others."

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