Never bury Tom Brady: The GOAT was toast in K.C. -- now he's back

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Tom Brady had to make it back to Kansas City with his job very much intact, didn't he? If his football obituary was not written at Arrowhead Stadium in the fall of 2014, critics did at least start warming up that obit in the bullpen.

Brady was 37 back then, and he was so dreadful in a 41-14 loss to the Chiefs that coach Bill Belichick pulled him after he threw a pick-six in the fourth quarter. Jimmy Garoppolo, hot-shot rookie, immediately drove the New England Patriots down the field and hit Rob Gronkowski for a touchdown pass. Belichick was famously asked if his starting quarterback's status would be evaluated during the on-to-Cincinnati week, and privately, Brady was telling people he was concerned about his standing with a head coach who already seemed to be falling hard for his second-round draft nfl jerseys china nike

Everyone knows what went down between then and now. Brady won two more Super Bowls, appeared in a third and, after his 41-28 beatdown of the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, advanced to five consecutive AFC Championship Games to extend his streak to eight and to increase his total AFC title game appearances to 13 in 17 healthy seasons under center.

Oh, and Brady also compelled Belichick to trade Prince Jimmy last year and clear the way for the incumbent to play another three or four seasons, if Brady so desires.3

So this was no time to fret about New England's chances in Kansas City, where the Patriots now will face a 23-year-old whiz kid in Patrick Mahomes who is blessed with Aaron Rodgers' talent and Brady's poise. This was a time to celebrate Brady's amazing journey back to Arrowhead, at 41, somehow still capable of winning the whole damn thing.

Alabama coach Nick Saban can sign up the nation's best players year after year after year, while his buddy Belichick is forever picking from the bottom of the bin. That's why Belichick has to turn a Kent State quarterback drafted in the seventh round, Julian Edelman, into one of the most prolific receivers in postseason history. That's why Belichick has to mold a Michigan quarterback drafted in the sixth round, Brady, into the finest football player of all nfl jerseys cheap china

"This team has a lot in front of it," the coach maintained. His quarterback was willing to second that.

When he was through with Philip Rivers and the Chargers, Brady was asked how he felt about proving the doubters wrong, about delivering a forceful response to those who spoke of the quarterback and his Patriots in the past tense.

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