Report: Peterson ordered to pay back $2.4M

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Washington Redskins running back Adrian Peterson has been ordered to pay nearly $2.4 million to a lending service after he defaulted on a loan, according to court records reviewed by the Baltimore Business Journal.

Democracy Capital Corp. of Bethesda, Maryland, sued Peterson in June claiming that he didn't pay the balance of a $4 million loan he took out in April nfl jerseys cheap china3

According to court documents, the loan carried a 15% interest rate, but when Peterson did not make the first repayment of $200,000, that number jumped to 23%.

The loan was due in February 2108 and was not repaid, but the company did receive a $1.65 million payment in July of that year after properties in Rhode Island that were used as collateral were sold. Another payment of $50,000 was made in December 2018.china nike nfl jerseys cheap

Judge Richard S. Bernhardt ordered Peterson to pay $2.4 million on June 12. The sum includes legal fees and interest.

Peterson, a seven-time Pro Bowler, resurrected his career last season with 1,024 rushing yards after two injury-plagued campaigns that saw him go from the Vikings to the Cardinals to the Saints.

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