The sneaker-giveaway trend taking over the NBA

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Ever since, some of the league's biggest names have joined in on the tradition, including Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Donovan Mitchell. Only seventeen of the NBA's 450 players have their own signature shoe, making the gesture rarified air for young fans while providing an additional spotlight for their All-Star idols' latest sneakers across social media.

After road wins -- particularly during blowouts, when the starters have been pulled and have had time to relax along the bench -- Irving, Curry and Westbrook can be seen peering through the crowds in the closing seconds, looking for young fans wearing their nfl jerseys china nike

One of Curry's first sneaker giveaways was in Orlando, Florida, in early 2016, after he spotted a fan and his two handwritten signs late in the game. The white poster board etched with blue and yellow marker made mention that not only was it the fan's birthday, but he had saved up $400 to buy tickets to see Curry play during the Warriors' lone visit to Florida that season. After a 51-point outburst that ranks tied for his third-highest scoring game, Curry took off his white and blue Under Armour Curry 2s and instructed the team's security guard to pass them along to the young fan.


Now, Curry personally walks over to hand off the shoes, often working with the team's security to first pull the pre-selected fan over along the baseline. Unlike most players, Curry leans down and signs the toe cap of each shoe while they're still laced and on his feet. He ramped up his giveaways late last season and into the fall with the Curry 5, with even more frequent freebies for his game-used Curry 6 model this year.

He's made a point all season to find fans in road arenas for giveaways, while also making sure he can give away pairs at Oracle Arena to the loyal home fans who have followed his nike nfl jerseys wholesale

"The atmosphere at Oracle is so unique," Curry said. "From my first season in the league, we didn't sell out crazy, but there was a different energy. They're like true basketball fans that are really into the game, they actually watch the game and they flow with the emotions, the momentum and the runs of the game. It's always been like that."

While Curry and Irving have been consistent in their giveaways all season, James' lone handoff this season touched a longtime fan of his more than he could imagine. In early December, the Lakers were enjoying a convincing 111-88 win at Memphis, with time still on the clock when James caught the attention of the Grizzlies' 23-year-old assistant equipment manager, Brianè Miller.

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