Tipped pass gives Redskins reprieve and saves their season

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Quarterback Josh Johnson's pass floated down the field, headed toward disaster -- possibly an interception, likely an incompletion. It was a one-score game, but the Redskins needed to show they could close that gap – or their faint playoff hopes would take a bigger hit.

And then the unusual happened: Redskins receiver Jamison Crowder, running down the middle, reached out with his left hand, tipped the ball in the air, turned around and grabbed it as he fell to the ground. Jacksonville Jaguars safety Tashaun Gipson was there and looked like he might pick it off, but he didn’ nfl nike jerseys from china

A game they looked destined to lose instead ended in a 16-13 win thanks to a last-second 36-yard field goal by Dustin Hopkins. The Redskins are still banged up, wounded and snapped a four-game skid. They’re also 7-7 with two games remaining, which means their playoff pulse remains alive. They're only a game out of first place in the NFC East.4

They had plenty of reasons to fold; they did not. They have a quarterback in Josh Johnson who started for the first time since 2011 and picked up his first career victory after six starts. He ran for 49 yards and threw for 151, with 71 coming in the fourth quarter when the Redskins needed it most.

Crowder said he wasn’t supposed to be part of the progression based on the coverage. But Johnson wanted to give him a chance. Crowder completed the catch at the Jaguars’ 27-yard nfl jerseys china nike

“Sometimes you tip the ball and it goes somewhere and you can’t make another play on it,” Crowder said. “It was just one of those plays, man. I guess you can say just one of those lucky plays guys have. I’m glad it was me.”

Johnson, who had waited a long time for this opportunity, wasn’t about to waste the moment.

“What do we really have to lose, you know?” Johnson said. “We can say it was luck or whatever, but I mean, those plays happen in football, that’s what makes the beauty of this sport. You need things like that to go your way every now and then. This team has had enough, even before I got here, with things not going their way. So, to have something go their way is good.”

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