Who is the real fantasy MVP this season?

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But simply picking the player atop our Player Rater doesn't tell the whole MVP story.

Think of it this way: which single draft pick won your league? Which player generated the most production relative to where he was drafted?

For me, fantasy value is represented by which players outperformed their ADP to the greatest extent.

If you pick a player at No. 1 overall, and he ends up at No. 1 on the Player Rater, you basically got what you paid for. (Unless the No. 1 player on the Player cheap nike nfl jerseys wholesale Rater is outperforming his competition by a large amount... then you got something extra.)

But if you draft a player in the ninth round, and you get second-round production? That's a draft pick that could singlehandedly win your league. You nabbed yourself the equivalent of an extra second-rounder for the price of a ninth. The difference between a ninth-round pick and a second-round pick is nearly 10 Player Rater points.3

My fantasy MVP formula is written as follows: elite player who generates the most value against his ADP. (Jarrett Allen is having a great season. He's returning fifth-round value from an 11th-round pick. But Allen doesn't qualify as "elite.")

Vucevic doesn't hurt you in any categories (especially important in FT%, traditionally a sore point for centers). He plays fantasy's scarcest position. He generates out-of-of position production in three categories (3s, assists and steals). He's dominant in rebounds (a scarcer category than typically expected in 2018-19.)

Using advanced stats, you can see Vucevic has taken the rare dual leap in terms of volume and efficiency. He's posting career highs in PER (25.67), Usage Rate (27.7) and True Shooting Percentage (57.7%, anchored by a 38.0 3PT%).

Most importantly, Vucevic is finally staying healthy. After playing in only 57 games last season and averaging 29.5 MPG, he's already played 58 games with a 31.1 nfl jerseys china nike

A cynic might look at all of this and mutter "contract year." And the cynic may be correct. Vucevic is going to paid this summer. If anything, Vucevic is a statistical illustration of why one should always bump up pending free agents in your draft by at least a round.

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