Zach LaVine isn't the only potential fantasy difference-maker on the Bulls

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This column deals with the conundrum that is the Chicago Bulls. And there is no greater example of fantasy interruptus than the Chicago Bulls.

Oh, they present themselves like a real NBA team -- a team that has much to offer needy fantasy playoff enthusiasts, thanks to their relatively unrostered cadre of relatively unknown players. But instead of offering dependable late season production,nfl custom jerseys cheap Fred Hoiberg's haphazard, ad hoc rotational approach results in stultifying statistical frustration.

This whole team is a timeshare.

The Bulls lost Wednesday night by 33 points, dropping to 24-47 in the process. Not a single player played more than 28 minutes ... but nine players played at least 23 minutes. Their high scorer tallied only 16 points ... but seven players scored in double figures.

Self-induced blowouts beget a lot of "23 minutes per game." Now I can see why the commissioner warned them to knock this kind of stuff off.

And yet? At the late stage of the fantasy campaign, knee-deep in the fake playoffs? With the rash of injuries hitting leaguewide? The Bulls represent the best fresh opportunity we have. At this point, we are clinging to every little piece of production we can scrounge up. And the Bulls offer a wealth of bad-team production.

(By the way, the Bulls offer one of the best team-wide fantasy matchups in the NBA. They're ninth in points allowed and pace. As evidenced by the Nuggets' 135-point explosion last night, always circle Bulls games on your matchups schedule.)

One of the annoying paradoxes of fantasy hoops: We make our fake championship runs at the precise moment many NBA rotations devolve into numerical guacamole. But aside from injecting some eleventh-hour drama, these rotations offer an opportunity. nike nfl jerseys cheap The tectonics of these constantly shifting rotations mean we have fresh variables to play with.

So let's talk some Bulls. Let's let them into our lives. We'll take it slowly. One player at a time.

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